PRISM Reverse Shell Backdoor

PRISM is an user space stealth reverse shell backdoor.
It can works in two different ways:

ICMP mode
Using this operation mode the backdoor waits silently in background for a specific ICMP packet containing the host/port to connect back and a private key to prevent third party access.

Using this operation mode the backdoor try to connects to an hard-coded IP/PORT.

More info and source code on github:

#0 - Kolaris [2011-07-05 05:36:32 CET]

Good Backdoor
#1 - an00d [2013-11-06 04:25:13 CET]

we need a suckit style backdoor...

"sniff a port of daemon, and wait for magic packets.. when get magic packets on port of daemon is running, send connect-back shell.....

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