GNOME Proxy Applet

Proxy Applet is a GNOME applet for changing your network proxy configuration with a single click from the gnome panel, without entering gnome network preferences.

It's written in pure C and needs at least GNOME 2.26.

Special thanks to Enrico Razza!

./configure --prefix=/usr/ --libexecdir=/usr/lib/gnome-applets
make install

Changelog version 0.2:
Changelog version 0.1:

#0 - Giacomo [2009-11-10 23:16:25 CET]

nice, amd-64 ????
#1 - Andrea [2009-11-11 15:10:39 CET]

You can build your own package from sources.
#2 - Philipp [2010-01-17 14:45:25 CET]

Andrea, thank you very very much! I've been looking for something like this for a long long time. I've seen there was already a proxy applet, but I prefer pure C applets over frameworked C# code.

You should really submit this to gnome, in hopes of making it a core applet. It might need a few small enhancements, like some prefs to allow switching between icon/text, but aside from that I think it should belong to core gnome applets.
#3 - Tomatos [2010-01-21 20:43:24 CET]

Thank you! It is realy useful. I'll recommend it to my frends.
#4 - Pedro [2010-04-14 22:05:58 CET]

Very very useful, thank you!!!
#5 - tengoku [2010-05-04 21:16:35 CET]

work's like a charm!!! thank you so much. the only think i dindt know is i need the gnome libraries. i don't had them. so if anyone needs the command, here is:

yum install gnome-panel-devel (im in fedora)

then i did what you said.

thanks again.

it can be translated??? can i? :)
#6 - Ben [2010-08-07 16:20:21 CET]

#7 - Massimiliano [2010-11-24 22:37:54 CET]

Ciao Andrea.
Does your applet apply the configuration globally, like as the "gnome-network-properties" tools?
I don't think so, as I am not asked any password.

#8 - Andrea [2010-11-28 08:18:59 CET]

Massimiliano, the configuration is NOT applied globally.

#9 - Karl [2011-02-09 14:11:12 CET]

Hi !

Would it be possible to also include a selector for Socks4 and Socks5 in the panel ? ATM it does not allow me to use a local Socks5 proxy.

Thanks anyway!
PS: Coming here from the about box in the applet on debian squeeze.
#10 - nevyn [2011-10-25 03:40:41 CET]

This is brilliant! This has been driving me nuts! If only I took the time to actually search for something like this (actually.... I just have!).

The question though... why is this not in the repositories?
#11 - Daniel [2012-04-14 15:10:01 CET]

This is a great applet very tidy, I would however love to be able to run a script when i switch to a certain proxy profile e.g. a file in a profile folder named "" or something

ssh -D 9999 [email protected]
#12 - Nevyn [2012-07-06 05:14:35 CET]

This a fairly simple app and one which loads of people want (I wonder if I can make something similar for gnome-shell). In which case, I think this would be an applet that would get a lot of attention from people wanting to start contributing code... Of course, all we really need now is the infrastructure and a maintainer (i.e. someone to review the submissions and decide whether it\\\'s in the best interest of the applet).
#13 - Ryan Li [2013-01-28 09:36:30 CET]

Thanks for the nice work!

I created an ebuild script for Gentoo:
#14 - fla5H Gord0n [2013-11-05 03:11:18 CET]

I think I might use your source code to port this to cinnamon, as it is now my primary desktop. Thank You
#15 - Quentin [2013-11-13 14:32:37 CET]

Are you thinking about porting your applet for gnome 3 ? If not, do you know anyone who is doing so (I've seen the comment of fla5H Gord0n but I can't find him on the internet) ?

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